The Kenora Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have done what they can to show a presence in the smaller rural communities in the area.

A Rural Officer position has been created by the Kenora OPP, which will routinely visit the neighbouring communities.

“What we’re going to try and do over the next little while here is get that officer out to some of those communities that may not see the police every day or maybe they don’t see them every week. We want to try and get into those communities and make sure people are safe, they’re doing the right things and make those connections in those communities,” said Kenora OPP Detachment Commander, Inspector Jeff Duggan.

Duggan did add that due to the size of the OPP patrolling area that officers can't always get to those outlying communities.

“The City of Kenora and the Kenora OPP we don’t just police the city of Kenora we police all the outlying areas. The Kenora OPP area is big, it’s massive so we seem to focus a lot of time where the calls for service are,” added Duggan.

The policing area spans from Sioux Narrows to Redditt, Minaki, and up to Ingolf.