One COVID-19 patient is in the ICU, while two others are in medical beds in Kenora.

President and CEO of the Lake of the Woods District Hospital, Ray Racette, has confirmed that one patient is in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit due to COVID-19.

The Northwestern Health Unit announced there had been three hospitalizations due to the illness in the Kenora region earlier this week. Racette says the other two patients are staying in regular medical beds, as they’re showing less severe symptoms.

“In the ICU, there’s more monitoring and equipment capacity for patients. We put patients that are more sick in that area. In a hospital bed, there’s a patient room and limited monitoring, but not to the extent that we have in the ICU,” explained Racette, during a conference call with regional media.

Racette says the ICU has 3 total beds, but they can surge and create up to 7 beds. The hospital also has 6 or 7 ventilators on-hand for patients who need them, and speciality services can still be reached in Thunder Bay and Manitoba.

This week has seen five consecutive days of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Kenora region. The NWHU says our area’s positivity rate is six times higher than what it was over the summer, and is similar to parts of southern Ontario.

Racette says for the foreseeable future, residents will have to work together and each do their part to help keep the hospital’s staff, patients and the community as a whole as safe as possible.

“We’re going into a spike in the area, which isn’t something we’ve experienced before. The public needs to recognize that we have a higher COVID-19 risk in our community than ever before. People really need to be vigilant.”

The health unit recommends that everyone assume COVID-19 is spreading in their community, and to always practice preventative health measures like social distancing, wearing a mask, good hand hygiene and not touching your face.

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