The Kenora area experienced two unplanned power outages between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. In both instances, power was restored within 10 minutes of going out.

In recent years, it's been uncommon for the City of Kenora to lose power during a thunderstorm, and indications are there is not a bigger issue with the power grid. 

"The outages stem from Hydro One transmissions and appear to be weather-related," said Christina Groulx, Public Relations & Communications for Synergy North.

The region has been hit by a string of severe storms in the last few days that dropped 14.5 mm of rain in Kenora and 31.5 mm in Dryden on Monday.

Meteorologists say that the remainder of the week will be, for the most part, warmer and dryer than the past couple of days with the mercury reaching into the 30s for the weekend with the possibility of a heat warning being issued.