Surgical services have expanded at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital in Kenora.

Hospital staff say they can now offer urology services, which is a branch of medicine that focuses on the urinary-tract system and the reproductive organs. It’s a partnership with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Regional Surgical Services and Superior Urology surgeons.

“Thank you to everyone for their dedication and hard work in bringing the Urology program to life. We should all feel very proud of what has been accomplished and what will continue to be accomplished in our hospital!” says Surgical Services Manager, Laura Reynolds.

Now, Kenora becomes one of the three locations in Canada that can offer a certain type of surgery.

Dr. Elmansy from Superior Urology explains that on November 21, his team performed the hospital’s first Thulium Fiber Laser Enucleation of the Prostate procedure and the patient went home the same day.