It was a big night Thursday night.  The tournament has now exceeded the goal of $25,000 having already brought in $29,288.05.

"The support that the people of Kenora have shown is amazing!" said organizer Dean Caron.

He reminded supporters that today's the last day to purchase raffle tickets, since the draw takes place at 6 p.m. at the Keewatin Arena.

"We have all $4,000 worth of raffle prizes on display at the Keewatin Arena," Caron added.

Results from Thursday night:

Raging Angels 18, On Deck Little Fries 8

Lightning 20, LOW Queens 5
Jarnel Snipers 9, Keewatin Flyers 5

Pee Wee:
Baker 12 , Green 3
The Dark Side 10, McDonalds Bruins 7

Puckgozinski Pylons 15, Chow Time Bulldogs 4
Vanderkrabben 8, Keewatin Canucks 7
Grassy Narrows 12, Big Way Butchers 9
The Dirty Dawgz 16, Skyline Voodoo 11
Friday’s games (all in Keewatin):                                                                                            

12:00 PM             1:00 PM                Keewatin             Novice                  Dryden Titans vs On Deck Little Fries
1:00 PM                2:00 PM                Keewatin             Atom                     Keewatin Flyers vs AYA Builders
2:00 PM                3:00 PM                Keewatin             Pee Wee             Red Lake Rockets vs Renegades
3:00 PM                4:00 PM                Keewatin             Atom                     Sneaky Snipers vs LOW Queens
4:00 PM                5:00 PM                Keewatin             Novice                  Raging Angels vs Dryden Titans
5:00 PM                6:00 PM                Keewatin             Open                     Senior Snipers vs Skyline Voodoo
6:00 PM                7:00 PM                Keewatin             Novice                  On Deck Little Fries vs Builders
7:00 PM                8:00 PM                Keewatin             Atom                     Lightning vs Jarnel Snipers
8:00 PM                9:00 PM                Keewatin             Pee Wee             Red Lake Rockets vs McDonalds Bruins
9:00 PM                10:00 PM             Keewatin             Open                     Senior Snipers vs Ratcliffe

(Submitted by Dean Caron)