Tomorrow is the day that Kiiwetinoong residents will head to the polls to elect their next provincial leaders, here are the candidate choices for the riding. 

Suzette Foster: Green Party of Ontario 

Suzzette Foster is a proud Indigenous woman, Sixties Scoop survivor, and active member of her community. She has lived in the Red Lake area since 1987. She has career experience in the mining and forestry industries so she is very familiar with the resource-dependent nature of Northern Ontario’s economy. Foster also recognizes the need for local economic development. Foster is very active in her community having served as President of the Red Lake Indian Friendship Center and as a board member for several volunteer committees and boards.  

According to Foster, people should vote for her because:  

  • She will get the government's attention on issues such as access to clean drinking water, affordable housing, and health and educational resources.  

  • She recognizes the importance of ongoing efforts to move forward on the recommendations of the national Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

  • She is ready to bring people-powered change to the Kiiwetinoong riding and a voice to her fellow residents’ needs at Queen’s Park.  


Sol Mamawka: New Democratic Party of Ontario 

Sol Mamawka is the current Member of Provincial Parliament for the Kiiwetinoong Riding. He is a member of the Kingfisher Lake First Nation and he is a resident of Sioux Lookout. Mamawka started his career serving as the Co-Chair for the Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre. He is passionate about improving the way healthcare is delivered throughout his riding.  

According to Mamawka, people should vote for him because: 

  • He understands the challenges that residents of the riding face.  

  • He will continue to tackle issues such as the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the child welfare and justice systems, the youth suicide crisis, vaccine hesitancy, and the doctor shortage in the North. 

  • He is a caring and empathetic leader who is there for his community 


Manuela Michelizzi: Ontario Liberal Party  

Manuela was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to a first-generation Canadian family. She moved to Sioux Lookout in 2009, where she began teaching with the Northwest Catholic District School Board. She is a proud mother of two girls and she is a very active community member.  

According to Michelizzi, people should vote for her because: 

  • She is an active community member 

  • She is a passionate advocate for Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples 


Dwight Monck: Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 

Dwight Monck is a former police officer, and pilot, and is currently serving as the Mayor of the Municipality of Pickle Lake. Monck was born and raised in London, Ontario, before eventually joining the police force which would take him all around the north. In 1998, Monck was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Thunder Bay as a pilot with the OPP Aviation Services. In 2003, he was transferred to Pickle Lake as Detachment Commander.  

According to Monck, people should vote for him because:  

  • His knowledge of the Kiiwetinoong riding and the people who reside there will enable him to speak for everyone.  

  • He will be the conduit needed to take our issues to Parliament  

  • He believes it is crucial to bring strong leadership back to riding so that the area can go back to its pre-COVID prosperity.  


Alex Dornn: New Blue Party of Ontario 

Alex Dornn is an engineering consultant with over 25 years of industrial experience, including in the pulp, paper, and mining industries. Dornn lives and works remotely from Dryden, Ontario. He has previous working experience with Domtar and has spent several years researching the cleanup of mercury from the Wabigoon and English River systems.  

According to Dornn, people should vote for him because:  

  • Education and job opportunities for First Nations communities are a primary concern of his.  

  • He will apply the integrity, efficiency, and professionalism that he has learned from engineering to the political office.  

  • If elected, he would use his technical and relational expertise to maximize the benefits to First Nations and locals who live in the area.