I recently bought a house and have noticed it can get a little bit lonely, so I decided to get myself a furry friend! 

On Monday, I went to the Kenora Cat Shelter and found myself this precious little nugget! She is a gray tabby, three-months-old and has a huge personality! When I brought her home, she was definitely not shy - she ran out of her carrier at lightning speed and kept at that pace while exploring the house! 

What is her name you ask? Well, here's the thing. She is currently nameless. It's so hard naming a pet, let alone a child I would imagine! I have a few names in mind, but until I decide, I'll keep calling her Bebe!

Bebe loves getting into everything she shouldn't, laying in the sun, meowing for no apparent reason, attacking my feet in bed at night, constantly being under-foot, cuddling, playing with her toy mice and her blue bear, which she brought home with her from the shelter. 

I have to give a huge thank you to Celynn and Nancy at the Kenora Cat Shelter for helping me find my fur-ever friend!