Tomorrow is Earth Day and over at King George they're already celebrating. Student Tishawn Payash explains.

"We bring our lunches and we try to bring containers instead of garbage.

Parents are encouraged to pack as little garbage in their child's lunch as possible.Principal Lynn McAughey said they wanted to celebrate Earth Day all week instead of just tomorrow.

Yesterday was also recycling day. Student Ethan Jones explains what they do on recycling day.

"We go round the school collecting the class recycle bins and then once we've collected them all we take them outside to the recycling bin," he said.

The students volunteer to help collect the recycling. Student Paige Andrews explains why recycling is important.

"I've seen pictures and my mom watched a documentary about how there's mountains of garbage and it's killing animals," she said.

Many schools will celebrate Earth Day tomorrow by talking about the environment, cleaning up the neighbourhood or even hosting a vegan bake sale.

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