The newest performance for Trylight Theatre is on stage this week.

Kingfisher Days is set on Coney Island and based on the book by Susan Coyne, who also wrote the play.

Gord Day-Janz is the director and says they have a couple of actors who play the writer as a young girl.

"We're very proud of them and very excited to introduce our Trylight Theatre audience to them because they are delightful and will steal the show, without a question," says Day-Janz.

River Kennedy is one of two actors playing a young Susan Coyne and describes what she does in her role.

"We have a couple of lines, but sometimes we sit and listen to letters a fairy princess has brought us."

Emily Neufeld is the other young actor playing Susan Coyne.

Kingfisher Days began over the weekend and continued Tuesday night and all this week until Saturday night with shows at 8 pm

There will also be a matinee on Saturday at 3 pm.