The Ladies in Black are a volunteer group of women and men who knit scarves, hats, and mittens among other items which they then donate to, as their motto says, make sure no one goes cold. The Ladies were visiting Ecole Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys yesterday to teach students how to knit. Co-ordinator of the Ladies in Black Wendy Langlois explains.

"We were in here for the voyageur days and the students took an interest in the knitting, and we were invited by this nice lady to come in and teach the traditional crafts of knitting, and working with your hands," she said.

The Ladies came prepared for a class of under 10 students, Langlois said they were shocked when over 100 students wanted to participate.

"It blew me away, and I'm a big woman to get blown away. I was flabbergasted. Our youngest member of the Ladies in Black, is in this school and she was standing beside me and she looked at me and she said "Wendy it's going to be ok. It's alright Wendy"" she said.

Grade 2 student Micheala Mole was one of the students who participated. She says she learned a lot.

"It's been fun and I learned a bunch of stuff," she said.

Mole said she was knitting a blanket but she wasn't sure who it was for yet.

"My parents or one of my cousins," she said.

The students will take their knitting home to practice over the summer, and next year the Ladies in Black will return to see their progress.

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