A new survey by Kraft Heinz company has found 80 percent of Canadians enjoy a bowl of KD macaroni and cheese.

They also asked whether Canadians eat it with a fork or a spoon.

The result of that survey was 43 percent choose a spoon, but the company admits there’s always been a bias on the box though, with a picture of the cheesy pasta on a fork

On March 6th, they launched a limited edition Spoon KD, to fix what they’re calling a ‘fork up’ and to help celebrate the millions who prefer to scoop the cheesy noodles instead.

“As Canada’s official unofficial national dish, it’s no surprise that consumers crave KD and are passionate about how they eat it,” says Jerome Skeene, Brand Manager, Kraft Dinner at the Kraft Heinz Company. “We’re always looking for unique ways to provide Canadians with an opportunity to eat KD their way and, after uncovering the divide between spoon and fork eaters, we knew we needed to make this right.”