At 97, Len Kropioski of Kenora has lots of stories. On Remembrance Day, he thinks about lots of friends he served with, during the Alaskan campaign. Earlier this week, he shared a few memories.

"Well, it's really a sad day, when November 11th comes around," he said, during a recent visit to his home in Norman. "I won't say fine memories, but I really have a lot of sad memories of what happened."

Kroppy, as he's affectionately known, served in Alaskan on the Aleutian campaign. The Allied forces were trying to stop an invasion by the Japanese in through the North.

"I learned to play an harmonica," Kroppy recalled, when asked to share a few stories.

"So, when the Zeros were flying overhead, I went outside and I started playing my harmonica. They always said, 'Boy, you're crazy!' " he said, referring to his fearless response to air raids years ago.

During the Second World War, Kroppy suffered injuries to his hip and knee. He also never forgets the sacrifices of those who served.

Norman resident Len Kropioski can be seen at most Jets home games, as he salutes the national anthem. He's also been an avid supporter of local athletes.

At the Norman rink, he coached many teams in the era before the rec centre and indoor hockey. He also sponsored teams, who were known as Kroppy's Hawks.

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