Amy LaFroy from the Northwest Catholic District School Board will help lead international development around the world, on behalf of the church in Canada. 

“Her role as president will allow her to organize and lead Diocesan meetings and workshops for the Development and Peace Education Campaign and the Share Lent Campaign,” says the director of education for the school board, Mary-Catherine Kelly.

The missions organization is supported by parish collections, school collections, individual donations and government grants, principally from the Canadian International Development Agency.

"Through Share Lent Campaigns and THINKfast fundraising, the staff, students and community of The Northwest Catholic District School Board have been true beacons of faith, hope and charity and will continue to support social justice for Development and Peace,” said LaFroy.

Development and Peace was formed by the Canadian Catholic Bishops in 1967 in response to the growing awareness of the gaps between rich and poor countries of the world. For over 40 years the agency has supported 15,200 local initiatives in fields such as agriculture, education, community action as well as the consolidation of peace and advocacy for human rights in 70 countries.

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