Mount Evergreen Ski Hill manager, Steve Simpson is taking on a new role this summer. He's now the manager for Lake of the Woods Docking.

Lake of the Woods Docking controls slips for Two Bears docking, Main Street docking, Water Street docking and First Avenue docking. He explains what he's looking forward to.

"Everything. Being on the water. Meeting the people from out of town and the people in town. I'm just excited about it all," he said.

Simpson says they're busy getting ready for summer.

"Right now we're getting our docks all situated for the summer. Getting them all set up and getting all the marinas cleaned up and ready to go," he said.

While the weather may have been cold last week, we're still miles ahead of last year when there was still plenty of snow on the ground. Simpson adds that the warmer weather means they're pushing hard to be ready for the long weekend.

"All fo our docks are floating docks so there's not many issues with the fluctuation of the water but definitely with it thawing this much earlier into the year, it allows the May long weekend to be an exciting time on Lake of the Woods," he said.

Besides dock slips, Lake of the Woods Docking also offers guided lake tours, guided fishing tours and boat rental.

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