Water levels on Lake of the Woods are expected to rise by another foot or so today after more outflow increases were approved to bring down some extremely high water levels in the area.

The Lake of the Woods Control Board says inflows continue to be above the maximum outflow rate for the lake, causing water levels to rise to the top of the legislated operating range by the middle of the month.

Lake of the Woods is in its 95th percentile level for this time of the year after rising by about 11” this week. Staff note levels are expected to rise by another 6” to 8” over the next week.

Outflows are set to increase again today, and levels on the Winnipeg River are expected to rise by roughly:

- Below Norman Dam – 12”
- Above Kimberley Rapids – 10”
- Winnipeg River Marina – 10”
- Near Locke Bay – 10”
- Above Myrtle Rapids – 10”
- Above the Dalles – 10”
- Above Throat Rapids – 10”
- Minaki – 7”

The LWCB says they plan to fully open the Norman Dam by Saturday.

Since April 20, water levels on Lake of the Woods have risen by roughly 25”, while levels on the Winnipeg River have risen by about 67” since early April. The rise in levels has been driven by the area breaking numerous precipitation and snowfall records throughout the winter.

In response, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook, in effect until May 13. Their statement aims to give early notice of the potential for flooding throughout the region.