The level of Lake of the Woods rose 20 cm (7.87 inch.) in the past week and is expected to rise another 25-30 cm (9-12 inch.) over the next week, according to the Lake of the Woods Control Board (LWCB).

The LWCB says, Lake of the Woods is quickly approaching the top of the operating level range for the lake and once it is, fully opening the dams in Kenora will be required.

The outflow from Lake of the Woods is scheduled to be increased from 725 m³/s to 825 m³/s today (Wednesday, April 27) and the LWCB has tentatively scheduled outflow increases for Friday and Sunday.

The Winnipeg River is expected to rise as follows in response to this outflow increase, with additional rise possible from local runoff:

Below Norman Dam:               30 cm (12 in)

Above Kimberley Rapids:         24 cm (10 in)

Winnipeg River Marina:   21 cm (8 in)

Near Locke Bay:          21 cm (8 in)

Above Myrtle Rapids:             21 cm (8 in)

Above the Dalles:                20 cm (8 in)

Above Throat Rapids:             21 cm (8 in)

Minaki:                              21 cm (8 in)

Lake of the Woods in currently in the 70th percentile level for this time of year at 322.77 m (1058.7 ft).

With the recent heavy rainfall on snow and frozen ground, the rise in flows in tributaries across the region has been rapid.

LWCB precipitation April 2022Left: 2022 April 1-24 Total Precipitation Right: Normal April Precipitation April 1-2014 (1986-2015). Courtesy of the Lake of the Wood Control Board.

According to the LWCB, "this is the sixth straight quarter-month period with well-above average precipitation in the Rainy-Namakan and Lake of the Woods local sub-basins. For the local Lake of the Woods and Winnipeg River sub-basin regions, April precipitation is the highest on record. Upstream in the Rainy-Namakan and Lac La Croix sub-basins, only 2001 has had higher totals."

From April 1 to April 25, a record 99.3 mm of both rain and snow has fallen in the Kenora area, making April 2022 the wettest April on record.