The federal government is offering help to Legion branches, non-profit groups and charitable organizations in need of help during the pandemic.

Legion spokesman Jerry Lava said last week one in four branches across Canada are in a position where they need help to pay their bills. This amounts to 357 out of the 1,381 branches across the country, including some in the northwest.

In a prepared statement, Veterans Affairs says Legion branches are eligible for aid, if they need help paying their bills. 

“Our government is committed to supporting Canadians, at risk and vulnerable populations, as well as non-profit organizations, businesses, and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. At Veterans Affairs, we are in regular contact with stakeholder groups and advisory group members – including the Legion – to ensure that they’re aware of the various funding options currently available to them as they continue their vitally important work," said department spokesman Cameron McNeill in an email.

"Any non-profit or charity organization that is providing support to vulnerable populations whose programs and services have been disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis is eligible for the Emergency Community Support Fund. Legions providing support to their communities or to Veterans may be eligible for funding," the statement continued.

"As the prime minister has indicated, our response to this pandemic is ongoing, and we will continue to explore ways to ensure that we’re providing Canadians and our community partners with the support they need,” the statement concluded.

The department is also hiring hundreds of temporary staff, in order to help clear a backlog of 50,000 claims. This is an increase of about 10,000 claims from the same time period in 2019.

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