The federal budget was released on Tuesday and Kenora Liberal candidate Bob Nault is not impressed. While they tout it was being balanced, Nault questions the methods they used to get it that way.

"Obviously the balanced budget was brought into being by stealing from the contingency fund over the next couple of years. Now we're down to about $1 billion from the usual $3 billion that we'd use in case of emergencies. They also used the shares that they sold of GM at what we think is fire-sale prices just to get a balanced budget," he said.

Nault points out that they are also banking on getting $900 million in savings from the disability and sick leave management system after they reform and modernize the public sector, which many believe will lead to wide-spread strikes.

Nault also says the north is getting the short end of the stick with the budget.

"Considering the fact that we are 13 per cent unemployment in northern Ontario and we have zero per cent growth so far this year. There is no discussion of growing the economy and what the government can do to stimulate that, from major infrastructure development to funding for First Nations. So, considering that I think the north was pretty much forgotten and left out," he said.

Nault adds there's nothing in the budget for major initiatives on First Nations. The only big announcement for First Nations went back to the controversial issue of education. The federal government pledged $200 million over five years to improve First Nations education.

As for all the defence spending, Nault believes many of the money going towards defence needs to be seriously questioned.

"As I've said to my friends and I don't mind repeating in public, there wasn't a war Stephen Harper didn't like. It seems like that's all we've been doing since he came into power, is going to war. Are we succeeding in doing the things that we need to do as a country to protect our own security and at the same time do our part in the world? I think that needs to be looked at very seriously," he said.

Nault adds that they are trumpeting an increase in national security but this year will only see a $19 million dollar increase in security funding. Overseas though the government has pledged to spend $360 million on Canada's mission against ISIS.

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