North Shore is a band local to Kenora who  is opening for Daughtry at Harbourfest, but before that they'll release their debut full length album Moments on May 5. Front man Jordan McDonald said the record is called Moments because it's a collection of different stories.

"Our record Moments was recorded over the last year and a half or so. We recorded in Winnipeg, we started actually in August with the recording process, but we've been writing for months before that. It's called Moments because it's just a collection of different stories and it's a bunch of rick songs about our lives," he said.

The band have recently released their first single Happy and an accompanying music video. Mcdonald explained what Happy is all about.

"Happy is a song about being on the road and just really wanting to get home, and in this case our home is Kenora. So, we have a great video we're releasing for the song today that actually showcases our hometown Kenora," he said.

The band is made up of local musicians Jordan McDonald, Steve Carnegie, Mike Dean, and Cole Zabloski. Their music video was shot and directed by Nicolas Camire who is also a Kenora local.



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