Young Drivers of Canada Centre Director Maria Bagdonas was presented with Young Drivers National Public Relations Award for 2014. The award was presented by Peter Christianson, President of Young Drivers during their recent National Conference. Bagdonas talks about how it felt to be honoured.

"It was a total surprise. Usually going into the awards presentation you have some kind of inkling you might be on the verge or you're being considered. But this one came completely out of the blue," she said.

This is the second time that Bagdonas and the centre have received this national award, the last time being 2012. Bagdonas says she just wants to make the roads safer for everyone.

"Personally I don't want to be known for someone who just teaches people how to drive. I really believe that we become the interface sometimes, especially with regards to technology. Changes are happening everyday and legislation is changing very regularly," she said.

Bagdonas added that she wants to ensure that the correct information is being passed along. She says making the roads safer through communication is just as important as teaching people to drive.

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