Water levels on Lake of the Woods still haven’t returned to normal levels after this year’s nearly record-breaking rainfall and floods, but they are improving.

The Lake of the Woods Control Board says the current level of Lake of the Woods remains over its 95th percentile level for this time of the year, after dropping by 4” over the past week.

Dams in Kenora remain fully open, and LOTW is expected to drop by another 5” over the next week. On the Winnipeg River, levels are expected to fall by another 2 to 3” over the next week, as levels on LOTW fall.

Elsewhere, levels on Lac Seul have returned to normal ranges at its 50th percentile level for this time of the year. The board adds that on August 30, they were able to reopen the Root River Diversion, with an outflow of 145 m3/s into Lac Seul.