Have you been meaning to recycle that old boat trailer? How about the old bed frame that has been sitting in the basement? Or really any metal junk?

The Lake of the Woods District Stewardship will gladly take those types of items off your hands this weekend with their Free Metal Waste Collection Day. They will be set up at Pye's Landing (just west of the Clearwater Bay store) Saturday, August 8 between 10:00am and 1:00pm to collect your metal scraps.

Volunteers and the LOWDSA LakeSmart team will be on hand to unload, and these items can be dropped off by either truck or boat! We are asked not to show up early or late, in respect to Pye's Landing owners.

The yearly average of metal waste collection throughout the past years is roughly 10,000 pounds!

Diane Schwartz-Williams is Exectuive Director for LOWDSA and she joined Jordan Rivers to tell us more.


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