Manitoba will restrict inter-provincial travel, beginning first thing tomorrow morning.

The public health orders will be amended on January 29 to specify that anyone entering Manitoba from anywhere in Canada will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister made that announcement Tuesday to help prevent importation of possible variants of COVID-19 from other jurisdictions.

Today, Dr.Jazz Atwal -- the acting deputy chief provincial public health officer for the Province of Manitoba -- provided a few more details, noting there are exemptions.

For example, he expects the public health order will allow for Manitobans with cottages in Ontario to cross the border without needing to self-isolate.

"Those individuals that regularly have a place or a cottage or a secondary property along the border would be able to attend to it," he says.

However, Dr. Atwal says you would still need to follow the rules and regulations of that province. He notes, similar to spring, their recommendation is to leave no trace. That means driving straight to the cabin without stopping for gas or groceries. Then, when you leave the cabin, it means driving straight home.

Further to that, Dr. Atwal says you should not leave the province if you have symptoms of COVID-19. Also, while at your cabin, you should not interact with other households.

Others exempt would include health care workers and essential workers.

"So, if you look at people in the transport industry who go across the country to bring food and other things to Manitoba, like truckers, rail crews, air crews," he says. "They would have an exemption as well."

Dr. Atwal says the orders take effect tonight at midnight.

"It's stated in the orders that people who have already left the province for non-essential reason can return and would be exempt from the order," says Dr. Atwal. "Once the orders take into effect, if you leave Manitoba for a non-essential reason, you will have to self-isolate when you return."