Kenora MP Eric Melillo says Opposition Conservatives in the House of Commons aren't satisfied with the Ottawa's answers -- or lack of them -- when it comes to the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, Melillo was part of an emergency debate on the issue Wednesday night.

"We're in a position where the federal government is letting down the provinces, letting down all Canadians, by not being able to get at the doses that we need distributed in a timely manner," he said yesterday.

Melillo noted the government couldn't even say what month some of the communities in his riding would receive doses.

"That's something that's very concerning for me -- and I think for all Canadians -- because we need the government to succeed on this. It's vitally important for our health and for our economic prosperity, as well. We're going to keep pressing the government on this," he continued.

The first doses of the vaccine arrived in the district Tuesday night, and the first long-term care residents were being vaccinated yesterday.

Queen's Park has been working with the health unit and long-term care homes on the distribution of the vaccine to long-term care residents. Melillo emphasizes he remains concerned about help for remote communities, including isolated First Nations.

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