It’ll be a busy week for Kenora MP Eric Melillo. The federal government’s Throne Speech is scheduled for tomorrow, and Melillo recently returned from a Conservative Caucus retreat in the Simcoe County area.

“It was great to join my colleagues, set up a number of meetings and had some field trips visiting different industries and farms, getting a sense of the issues on the ground across Ontario and in the Simcoe County.”

Melillo noted that the Throne Speech was an important topic at the retreat. If opposition parties disagree with Ottawa’s direction tomorrow after the Throne Speech, there can be another election this fall.

“We’re really hoping to see a plan that will show we are prepared for future cases of COVID-19, to ensure we have proper mask wearing, social distancing and hand-washing, so we don’t have to have another economic shutdown again.”

“We’re also hoping to see a plan that puts working families first. We know we must provide opportunities for our businesses to be open, people to get back to work and to phase out the deficit in a responsible way, which ensures that we’re looking after the well-being of Canadians first and foremost.”

Melillo has endorsed leader Erin O’Toole for the Prime Minister’s role. If an election is triggered, O’Toole would be up against incumbent leader Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh of the NDP.

Minority governments typically last less than two years. This is Canada’s 14th minority federal government. In the previous 20 federal elections, 9 of them have resulted in minority governments.

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