In the lite of the COVID-19 pandemic causing an economic downturn, the Conservatives are ready to secure the future for Canada.

Earlier this week the party released “Canada’s Recovery Plan”, a platform that they believe will rebuild Canada’s economy from the effects of COVID-19. Erin O’Toole along with Conservative MP’s will be pushing this plan through to the federal election on September 20, 2021.

Kenora MP Eric Melillo is fully invested in the recovery plan that his party has put forward to improve the economy of the region and the country.

“I truly believe that only the Conservatives have a plan to support Northwestern Ontario and get the country back on track,” said Melillo

“We’ll be looking to do that through housing, through improvements to internet and infrastructure projects, and in supporting the small businesses and industries that have been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic and that our region relies on,” added Melillo

Canada’s Recovery Plan is a five-fold plan:

1. Secure Jobs – by recovering the 1 million jobs lost during the pandemic within one year.

2. Secure Accountability – by enacting a new Anti-Corruption law to clean up the mess in Ottawa.

3. Secure Mental Health – through the Conservatives Canada Mental Action Plan

4. Secure The Country – by creating a strategic stockpile of essential products and building the capacity to manufacture vaccines at home.

5. Secure Our Economy - by balancing the budget over the next decade

Melillo noted that over the past two years he has been a consistent, tireless advocate for the region, for the unique issues in NWO and the diversity of issues across the many communities in the region. If re-elected he will continue to be that voice in Parliament and is looking forward to joining a Conservative government to deliver more results to NWO.

To learn more about the Conservative's “Canada Recovery Plan” click HERE.