It’s been over 600 days since the federal government has had an economic plan in place, and Kenora MP Eric Melillo is pushing the Liberal party on how they plan to ‘return to normal’ once COVID-19 has been contained.

“As we’ve learned how to better deal with the pandemic and especially as the public health crisis ends and these programs eventually expire, we must allow our economy to get back on track,” said Melillo, during a Committee of the Whole Question Period.

“However, we haven’t seen any plan except for the status quo. So, I’m wondering if the Minister of Finance can tell us, what is the plan to get this economy off of life support?”

“Patience, colleagues,” replied Liberal Finance Minister Chystia Freeland. “I think it is so important for us to appreciate, we are in a second wave of the coronavirus.”

“It’s very disheartening when the Finance Minister won’t answer basic questions about the economy,” said Melillo, following the Question Period.  “It’s clear that the Liberal government has no plan to restart our economy, even as their current policies are continuing to fail businesses and workers.”

MP’s were debating an extension to the federal government’s wage subsidy for businesses and a commercial rent subsidy, and Melillo says these programs have been flawed throughout the pandemic, stressing the government needs to consult with local business owners.

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