Friends and family of Donny Collins in Kenora are helping to prepare for a memorial. Collins was one of the two street people killed over the weekend in Winnipeg. Val Canfield talked about her late cousin.

"We're all saddened by what happened to Donald -- or Donny, as we all called him -- we wish that this hadn't all happened," she said. "We wish that things had been better for him, and we're coming to terms with it. We're trying to do what we can to bring some closure to this and provide him with a proper burial."

A 39-year-old from Eabametoong First Nation has been charged in connection with the killings of homeless or street people in Winnipeg over the weekend. Winnipeg police announced a third case had been linked to the suspect on Monday.

Canfield said her cousin had been struggling with his mental health for many years. Like many others, she said he self-medicated with alcohol or illicit drugs, in order to mitigate symptoms of his illness.

Earlier today, Canfield also reflected on her memories of Collins.

"Don was not a person who would hurt anybody. He liked to be around people. He liked to talk to people. He was a nice person. He didn't deserve to die that way. He deserved to have a better life, but you can't change the past," she said.

No date has yet been set for services, as family and friend finalize arrangements.

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