Ontario continues to lend a hand in other provinces. The MNRF is sending crews to help provinces out west as they fight forest fires. Fire information officer Jonathan Scott explains.

"There are currently 53 staff deployed to Alberta in various rolls such as agencies representatives, strike team leaders and Type 1 initial attack crews," he said.

Scott says they're also sending supplies.

"We currently have 100 pump kits and 2,992 lengths of hose deployed to Alberta," he said.

Scott explains why sending fire crews and equipment out west isn't a strain on resources here.

"As part of our daily preparedness planning, we have regional emergency operation centres that work in conjunction with the ministry's central emergency operation centre that determine the fire hazard across Ontario. When resource levels are adequate we identify resources we can deploy out of province and balance that with the resources here in Ontario," he said.

Right now the fire hazard is low for the southern sectors of northwestern Ontario and moderate in the far north.

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