The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is hearing from the public after putting forth a proposal to cut walleye catch limits in half to improve the sustainability of the walleye population on Lake of the woods. 

The proposal was in works about a year and a half ago when Kenora MPP Greg Rickford was the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

"At that time, I said 'hold on, we're all interested in the long-term sustainability of fishing'. Certainly, there was some science there to suggest that it would be compromised. But I didn't feel, based on feedback I heard on the ground, that we had considered every aspect. So we did a more thorough comprehensive consultation," says Rickford.

Consultations looked at fisheries in Minnesota driving off higher limits than what are offered here in Ontario.

While in Minnesota, standard license anglers may not possess more than a Minnesota limit of fish from Canada–Minnesota border waters, which is 6 (not more than 4 can be walleye; only 1 walleye over 28"; walleye 19½" through 28" must be immediately released).

“Our government is consulting with Indigenous communities, recreational anglers, tourism partners, and other interested parties to improve and protect our world-class fishing industry in Northwestern Ontario. We understand and appreciate the importance of a resilient walleye population in Lake of the Woods and will continue to support the industry every way we can.”

Rickford encourages residents to review the proposal and to make their comments by January 9. View the full Lake of the Woods Draft Recreational Walleye Plan and comment below.  

Lake of the Woods Draft Recreational Walleye Plan