Synergy North is hoping to help their customers who are struggling with their hydro bills throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The local utility has launched several financial assistance programs to customers in need, who may be behind their bills or who need payment relief.

“We know that this year has been challenging for our communities,” says Robert Mace, President and CEO, Synergy North.

“For customers who are struggling to pay their bills, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible. We are ready to make flexible payment arrangements and direct you to financial assistance programs. We are here to help whatever your situation may be.”

Synergy North’s financial assistance programs include:

- COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program,
- Low-Income Emergency Program,
- Ontario Electricity Support Program,
- AffordAbility Fund Trust Program,

The COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program is a one-time, on-bill credit for eligible residential customers, to help them catch up on their energy bills and resume regular payments.

Synergy North’s Electricity Support Program offers low-income residents with a monthly on-bill credit, while the Low-Income Emergency Program can help those at risk of a disruption of service.

Synergy North customers who are wishing to discuss payments arrangements or determine their eligibility for the financial assistance programs are asked to call their customer service team at 1-833-428-1451.

Synergy North is also working to support Alzheimer’s Societies in Kenora / Rainy River and Thunder Bay until September, with $5 donations for each customer that switches to electronic billing. The Kenora and Thunder Bay Alzheimer's Society offices service over 3,900 members in the Northwest region.

Synergy North says this partnership is the beginning of a year long campaign that will highlight and support a variety of non-profit organizations in the region.

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