The bulk of the rain that Environment Canada predicted on Friday (May 6, 2022) is supposed to hit the region on Monday (May 9, 2022).

On Sunday (May 8, 2022) the weather agency issued a Rainfall Warning for the Kenora and Dryden areas, calling for a lot of rain to fall in a short amount of time.

“We do have a system moving through northwestern Ontario that could bring us 20-30 mm of rain to the area,” says Gerald Cheng, Environment Canada Meteorologist.

With the six millimetres the region received from Saturday through until Monday, already 16.8 mm of rain has fallen in May, which is well below the 77.4 mm average for the month.

Cheng notes, that accompanying the system is also the threat of severe thunderstorms, which could push rainfall to even higher amounts. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for the region on Monday (May 9, 2022).

“There are other threats associated with severe thunderstorms such as damaging winds, wind gusts over 90km/h, and of course sizable hail that could be beyond 2 cm, or more than nickel-sized hail. Of course, we can’t eliminate the possibility of tornadoes, especially close to the US border.”

Severe thunderstorm watches are issued when atmospheric conditions are favourable for the development of thunderstorms that could produce one or more of the following: large hail, damaging winds, or torrential rainfall.

This won’t be the only storm system the residents will experience this week, according to Cheng.

“There’s another one on the way Wednesday, Thursday into Friday, it’s not going to be a great week in terms of precipitation.”

Though it’s still a few days away, the second storm is forecasted to bring additional thunderstorms, and limited sunshine, but the temperatures will still be in the seasonal range.

“When we look at the forecast, already Tuesday’s forecast is around 18 degrees and even Wednesday 17 degrees, so at least we’re into the double digits, and we’re into the upper teens.”

The seasonal high for May is roughly around 17 degrees. 

The already wet spring has caused flooding concerns and several washed-out roads in the region. On Saturday, Highway 105 just south of Red Lake was cut off at Caribou Falls due to a washout. Portions of Highway 605, 601, and 665 have been closed due to roadway flooding's or washed-out roads.

The City of Kenora announced on Friday (May 9, 2022), that several roads north of the by-pass were underwater, and motorists were asked to use extreme caution in those areas. On Monday, the city was forced to close Essex Road at Hooterville Trail due to flooding.

The Lake of the Woods Control Board said on Friday (May 6, 2022) that current water levels are over the 95th percentile level for this time of the year, after rising by 12” over the past week. The LOTW is expected to rise by another 10” to 13” over the next week. The LWCB opened the Norman Dam fully on Saturday.