Environment Canada says more storm activity in northwestern Ontario is expected to bring more high winds, rain and possible hail again to the region later today.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gerald Cheng, says Tuesday’s storms in the area brought 20.9 mm of rainfall at the Kenora Airport, the majority of this month’s overall total of 30.6 mm.

Both of those numbers are far off from record-breaking, however. Cheng says June 14 of 2000 saw 52.8 mm of rain, and the month of June 2000 saw over 257 mm. But, as Cheng notes, more storms are expected for the area this month.

“We do have a risk for a thunderstorm today. That could bring some rain and strong winds as well. The winds could create such a force that they could topple trees. That’s when we get into dangerous situations. Be careful out there whenever we forecast thunderstorms.”

After the storm systems pass, Cheng says warm weather can be expected by the end of the weekend and into early next week.

“When you look at the long-range forecast, we do have a surge of warm and humid air that is coming as we head into the latter part of the weekend. We might see a high of 30 or 31. We’ll continue to monitor how this air mass will progress.”

As it stands, the forecast is calling for a high of 36 by Sunday, with more rain and possible storms.