Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) Eric Melillo along with his Conservative colleagues has put forth a new motion for greater access to audio readout technology and digital product labeling.

“I'm really proud to be working with my Conservative colleagues to advance a number of different solutions to improve accessibility. I do believe we need a multi-powered approach. This motion put on the table is a huge step in the right direction.” said Melillo

This new technology will benefit Canadian consumers by accessing information regarding ingredients, risks, and other relevant information pertaining to consumer's safety, health, and education.

This will allow companies to utilize market-developed product label audio read-out technologies so Canadians with disabilities and language barriers can understand the important safety measures such as product indications, contra-indications, risks, and uses in a digital format.

Health Canada has made recent efforts through its “Self-Care Framework” initiative to modernize product labeling.

Digital labeling offers opportunities to accommodate the needs of Canadians with visual impairments, as well as provide the product information to consumers in languages that their comfortable in other than Canada’s official languages.

Digital labeling initiatives can also further assist consumers in identifying counterfeit products, as well as other possible risks or dangers to their health and safety.

Melillo has also been working on a petition that has called the government to examine the addition of Braille and Tactile symbols on packaging.