Motorists in the Northwest region are not listening when it comes to Ontario's Move Over law, which requires drivers to slow down and move over when coming upon first responders and tow trucks performing their duties on roadsides.

Provincial Constable Matthew Foster says the number of charges has nearly doubled in a year.

"19 last year, year-to-date, and 31 this year. So we're seeing an increase and that's why we're here trying to educate the public on what the offence is and what the charge is to try and lower these numbers."

In a release the Ontario Provincial Police note law isn't a new one, as it has been on the books now for 20 years.

The service adds since 1989, five of its officers have been killed while on duty after their vehicles were struck by approaching vehicles.

Foster himself has experienced motorists disregarding the law, which he says can be jarring.

"The car shakes, and people travel at highway speeds and when they don't slow down then you can't see a vehicle coming until the last second because of how diverse our highways are, and it can be pretty scary."

Penalties include a fine of $490 to $2000 plus three demerit points upon conviction.

Increase penalties are placed on repeat offenders, where the fine is upped to $1000 to $4000, a two year licence suspension and even six months in jail.