Moving Kenora Forward is holding a community gathering to discuss safety concerns.

Elauna Boutwell is the Community Coordinator and says they want to focus on safety for the people they help, but also others in the downtown area.

“The theme is going to be around safety and safety is a really big buzz word in Kenora right now,” says Boutwell.

“But for us, it was something that came from the people we serve. When we talk to the community, I guess there is a lot of levels of feeling unsafe.”

Boutwell adds they want to hear from the people they serve, but others in the community about safety concerns.

“One thing that I’m really interested in, is how do people feel when they come to our spaces.”

“Do they feel safe? Are there things we can do to increase how they feel.  But then we’re also inviting others to come in as well to talk about their feelings of safety in the community.”

The gathering will take place at the NeChee Friendship Center from 2 till 4 on Saturday.