Leadership with the City of Kenora says the new permanently-installed Métis flag flying outside of City Hall is a symbol of the city’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous people.

A flag-raising ceremony took place on October 14 outside of City Hall, with city staff, Métis leaders and dignitaries and the community. The event also included members of the Kenora Métis Council and the Métis Nation of Ontario.

“It is a civic honour to be part of the Council that brought this historic moment of raising the Métis flag at City Hall,” said Councillor Sharon Smith, who notes she is of Métis heritage.

“The raising of the Métis flag signifies our commitment to reconciliation, solidarity and respect. It recognizes the culture and heritage of the Métis community. Just as the Métis flag symbolizes the creation of the Métis nation, the flying of this Flag at City Hall.”

"The Kenora municipal flag raising demonstrates respect to our Métis citizens as it acknowledges we were here and are here,” says Theresa Stenlund, Regional Councillor for the Northwestern Ontario Métis Community.

“Marsee to the City of Kenora staff and leadership for working with the Métis over the last while to have our Métis flag permanently fly at Kenora City Hall for not only the Métis but for all residents. This is a step towards reconciliation."

The city adds that a fourth flag pole will be installed at City Hall in the coming months to display our Treaty #3 flag, Métis flag and the flags of the city, province and country.