The City of Kenora is conducting a survey of local businesses.

Today is the first day of the online survey and it will last four weeks.

Economic Development Officer Allyson Pele says the survey will look at a number of different issues.

"We're seeking feedback that is related to the number of years in business and the number of employees," Pele explains.

"There are questions around the economy, specific to the workforce and staffing, and also satisfaction levels within various factors of doing business in our community."

Pele adds the survey will give the city snapshot of the businesses and their needs.

"The city decided to embark on this because this is going to give us a really good understanding of the future plans of businesses in the community.  The purpose is to find out the strengths of the business community, and also the opportunities, and what we can do a little bit differently."

Pele says Deloitte is conducting the survey and should have results by the end of October.

For more information you can contact Allyson at: