Staff with the Northwestern Health Unit have confirmed a positive test result of COVID-19 in the Rainy River district.

As always, contact tracing has begun and anyone identified as a potential contact will be reached directly by health unit staff. All residents are asked to assume COVID-19 is in your community, and to remain vigilant at all times.

To date, the Northwestern Health Unit has taken over 45,000 COVID-19 tests in the area since March, and they’re reporting an overall 0.3 per cent positivity rate with 134 positive cases and 2 probable cases. 10 cases are still considered active.

The District of Rainy River is defined as: Alberton, Atikokan, Barwick, Big Grassy River 35G, Big Island Mainland 93, Chapple, Couchiching 16A, Dawson, Devlin, Emo, Finland, Fort Frances, La Vallee Township, Lake of the Woods, Long Sault 12, Manitou Rapids 11, Morley, Morson, Neguaguon Lake 25D, Rainy Lake 17A, Rainy Lake 17B, Rainy Lake 18C, Rainy Lake 26A, Rainy River, Rainy River Unorganized Territory, Sabaskong Bay (Part) 35C, Saug-a-Gaw-Sing 1, Seine River 23A, Seine River 23B, Sleeman, Stratton.