Staff with the Northwestern Health Unit have received a report of one new positive COVID-19 test result in the Kenora area, along with one new probable case.

Follow-up with those involved and their contacts has started according to protocols, and anyone identified as a close contact for these cases will be reached directly.

In August, Chief Medical Officer of Health for the NWHU, Dr. Kit Young Hoon, explained how they determine a probable case of COVID-19.

“A probable case is a bit different from a confirmed case, in that the symptoms, exposures and the type of lab result makes it a probable case. The lab result doesn’t necessarily confirm COVID-19, but we combine information about the case and their symptoms.”

These cases mark the 145th confirmed case of COVID-19 in the NWHU’s catchment area, along with 4 probable cases. There are currently 7 active cases in the Rainy River District.

Residents are reminded that masks are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces, and the use of masks must be paired with other personal protective measures like social distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding travel and staying home if you’re sick.  

Anyone who has symptoms, or who has been in contact with a positive case, should self-isolate and get tested.