The Michael Smith Fitness Center is open again after being closed for a week to replace aging equipment.

Andrew Smith is the general manager of recreation and culture and says some of the equipment was 25 year old.

"We did keep a few certain pieces that still had a little bit of life left on their life expectancy," Smith said during a tour last week after all the new equipment had been installed.

"Essentially speaking, anything we took out we put brand new stuff in.  You'll see about 85 percent brand new equipment there now."

Smith adds that staff did a very good job of keeping the old equipment in good shape.

"We're letting staff know, and the community know that we did a very good job of maintaining it throughout those 25 years.  You know something that would about a 15 year expectancy.  So, we went about an beyond 10 years, which is very good."

Going forward, Smith says they can replace aging fitness equipment piecemeal, instead of having to close down for a whole week.