After a week of consultations and over 200 votes, students and staff of the Kenora Catholic District School Board’s new St. Isidore Virtual School have a new logo for their school community.

The new logo depicts a white cross at the centre of the pages of a book, representing the Bible, with data information bits rising from the centre of the logo. The colours are also made up of other colours from KCDSB schools, as the new school is connected to the others.

Cooper Brown was one of the first students to comment on the logo. “I like it. It is really creative and innovative. It has a digital feel.”

Grade 9 student Charlie Gan also voted for this logo. “I was excited to see that this was the logo that I voted for. I chose it because it was different from the other logos and I liked how bright and colourful it is.”

Student Leah Derouard shared that although she didn’t vote, she really likes this choice. “As soon as I saw the logo, I really liked the idea of it. I like the colours and the pixels and that data is rising from the center of the image.”

Teacher Lori Bazelo shared why she likes the new logo. “I really love our new logo. It depicts what we do as a Christ-centered school. The cross represents that Christ is at the core of everything we do and the different colours represent that we are all doing this together through our virtual school community.”

Chair Teresa Gallik shared that this logo was her preferred choice. “I love this logo. This first step in creating an identity is important for the students, families and educators as they form their new school community. It will give them a sense of pride and belonging to St. Isidore Virtual School.”

St. Isidore Virtual School currently has 127 elementary students and 62 secondary students enrolled, and is being treated and structured similarly to a regular school with dedicated administrators, educators and a unique school identity.

Jamey Robertson is the virtual school’s new Principal for the KCDSB, and joins Mark Richards and Jared Ralko as vice-principals. Robertson previously worked as the vice-principal for Pope John Paul II.

St. Isidore of Seville is the patron saint for the internet.

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