Efforts to bring more internationally trained health care workers to Ontario are being put in place.

Health Care Minister Sylvia Jones launched two programs.

The Practice Ready Ontario program is to make it easier for internationally trained doctors to work in the province.

"(It) will break down barriers for internationally educated physicians by removing the requirement to complete lengthy re-education programs allowing them to practice in Ontario immediately. This program will add more than 50 new physicians to the province’s workforce by 2024," says Jones.

The Clinical Scholar Program addresses nurses.

It will pair an experienced front-line nurse with a newly graduated or internationally educated nurse to help them transition into the profession.
The province is also setting aside $40 million for hospitals, clinics, long-term care homes, and others to establish innovative ways of providing care.

"Ontario’s hospitals appreciate the programs introduced today to reduce barriers for internationally educated physicians, provide additional support to new, early career and internationally trained nurses, and allow hospitals and other system providers to develop innovative models of care to maximize capacity and strengthen access to care, states Anthony Dale, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Hospital Association.

"Ontario’s hospitals are grateful for the ongoing investments made by the Government of Ontario that have had a meaningful impact on strengthening the province’s health care workforce. Hospitals will continue to work with the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health, and other partners to identify and implement new ideas and solutions in the time ahead."

Also starting today, health care workers trained in other parts of Canada can work in Ontario without first registering with one of Ontario’s health regulatory colleges.