Ray Racette at the district hospital in Kenora is thanking staff for their hard work, after more than 400 people were tested for COVID-19 within a week. 

"They were all identified. They were tested, and we had test results back within five days. That's a massive amount of work," he told hospital board members, during their virtual meeting this evening.

In all, 11 cases were reported in the Kenora area in a 48 hour period between last Thursday night and Saturday afternoon. However, Racette told hospital directors that no new cases of the coronavirus have been reported, after all of those tests were done.

Still, after cases were found in three schools, a long-term care home and a daycare, the hospital is working with community partners in an effort to contain the spread.

"Nine positives all in one day was certainly worrisome. So, having essentially zero, zero, zero the last three or four days has been fantastic, although we're probably not quite out of the woods yet," said interim chief of staff Dr. Buzz Pedersen.

Since the pandemic began last spring, Racette confirmed no hospitalizations have happened. 

However, the hospital is seeing more of their acute beds being taken up by patients, who are in the wrong place. Racette said 18 of their beds have been tied up, because patients can't be moved from acute care to long-term care. 

Across northern Ontario, about 500 beds in long-term care homes have been removed from service, Racette noted, as many homes look to limit the spread by reducing four-bed rooms to having just one bed in a room. 

In the first wave, 81 per cent of deaths in Canada were in long-term care homes. 

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