Officers with the Dryden Police Service have confirmed that no tickets were issued during Monday’s anti-mask rally in front of the Government building.

DPS Chief Doug Palson says officers were only there to ensure the public’s safety during the protest. Q104 and DrydenNow has requested further information on why tickets were not issued during the gathering and did not receive a response by publishing time.

The protest was reportedly organized by anti-mask activist Chris “Sky” Saccoccia and the ‘Freedom Convoy’, who have been leading anti-mask and anti-health measure rallies across Canada since beginning their journey from Vancouver, British Columbia to Thunder Bay on April 22.

That includes an over 2,000 person protest against lockdowns and health measures in Winnipeg over the weekend, with stops in Princeton, Kelowna, Cranbook, Banff, Calgary and more along the way. The group held their final announced rally in Thunder Bay Tuesday night, the final stop on their tour, after travelling through the Ontario/Manitoba provincial border on Monday. Organizer Chris Sky was arrested in Thunder Bay at the protest. 

“It is very concerning when people are not following public health measures and then, therefore, enter the workplace to potentially spread it to others,” said Medical Officer of Health with the Northwestern Health Unit, Dr. Kit Young-Hoon, during a virtual conference with regional media.

“It’s just generally concerning when people are not following public health measures, and we’ve seen some evidence of that already, where individuals are not staying home when they’re sick or not properly following the control measures that are in place. That’s leading to spread in a number of our communities.”

In Ontario, indoor gatherings are prohibited and outdoor gatherings are limited to 5 people that you live with, and one other person who lives alone. Everyone is asked to continue only leaving their homes for essential reasons only.

As it stands, police and by-law officers do have the ability to issue tickets to those who:

- Aren’t complying with the stay-at-home orders,
- Those not wearing face coverings indoors where required,
- Fining companies who don’t enforce these restrictions,

Refusal to comply with the orders can lead to a $750 fine for a resident, $1,000 for corporations not following an order, and $1,000 for anyone that prevents an enforcement officer from performing their duties to enforce the orders.