The Lake of the Woods Control Board held a meeting yesterday in Kenora for residents to discuss water regulation. Executive engineer from the Lake of the Woods Control Board, Matt DeWolfe explains.

"We just want to provide access for the public to come and talk to the board members, and understand what it is the board does in terms of regulating Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River. And give a chance to answer questions if anyone has any," he said.

DeWolfe says this year people aren't too worried.

"It really depends on the year and what the water levels are doing. Obviously, greater concerns when water levels are very high or very low. This year water levels tend to be what people like at this time of year, so we haven't had too many concerns this year," he said.

This June has only seen 48 millimetres of rain compared to the normal 119 millimetres.

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