Ontario NDP member Andrea Horwath says voters want a say. She says the Liberals don't have a mandate to sell off shares in Hydro One.

"Well, I can tell you I've been doing town hall meetings and round-table discussions and telephone  town halls around the province and people are angry. They're upset. They're frustrated. They don't want Hydro One sold off. They know it'll increase rates. They know it'll reduce reliability, in terms of our hydro system. They know that this is an important public asset. It's an essential service, and it shouldn't be sold off to private interests on Bay Street," said Horwath.

In the legislature, the province's third party is proposing a referendum on the issue. Energy minister Bob Ciarelli has a different view. He says the proposal to sell off government assets was in last year's budget, and it was passed before the last election.

"So, the people of Ontario and the Leader of the Third Party knew exactly what we were looking at, Mr. Speaker, exactly what we were contemplating, and it's disingenuous for her to stand up and make the accusations they're making here today," he said, during Question Period yesterday.

Premier Kathleen Wynne went a step further, saying the sale of public assets will help pay for improvements to the province's roads and water systems. 

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