The long-standing issue of loitering in downtown Kenora came up earlier this week at the monthly Harbourtown Centre meeting. OPP Constable Dave Cain suggested it was a case of common courtesy, as tenants living above the merchants may not realize they're causing a problem, as they socialize on the sidewalk in front of their building.

"The Loitering itself, a lot of that is a by-law situation. As long as people are not intoxicated in a public place, harassing or causing trouble there's not an issue there. Its more of a courtesy thing," he said.

Cain also notes that some of those loitering outside of businesses are actually tenants from apartments upstairs, and they may not be aware that they're causing a problem.

"Perhaps if some of these people were addressed by the business owners. It's a common courtesy, maybe they just don't realize they're causing an issue standing there," he added.

Upset business owners are looking for ways to clear their storefronts.