The OPP is reminding the public that youth will be out in full force tonight for Halloween and will be focused on candy – not vehicles or other safety hazards.

Drivers are warned that OPP officers throughout the region will be closely watching for speeding, proper seatbelt use, distracted driving and impaired driving – and drivers are reminded to pay extra attention to the roadways when driving through the community tonight.

For families going Trick or Treating, the OPP’s tips include:

- Makeup is preferable to a mask. If a mask is going to be worn, enlarge the eye and mouth holes.
- Carry a flashlight and wear reflective clothing,
- Small children should be supervised at all times,
- Stay in neighbourhoods that you know,
- Use sidewalks or the edge of the roadway,
- Don’t cut across lawns; you won’t see a hose or a rake in the dark,
- Walk; don’t run, to houses that are lit up for Halloween,
- Don’t snack on treats until they are inspected by a responsible adult,
- Ensure pumpkins lit by a candle are in a safe location,
- Trick or treating in a vehicle? Wear your seatbelt,

The OPP is also asking parents to remind their children about the consequences of being involved in Halloween night mischief, and for anyone attending Halloween parties this weekend, use a designated driver to get yourself home.