Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says he's been in touch with Whitedog Chief Waylon Scott to offer assistance, during an outbreak of the coronavirus.

"We've been on a number of calls to see whatever they need, to get some help, whether that's more help in tracking, tracing, isolating. It really is a scary moment for them," he said, during a media call earlier today. 

Staff are also working on supports in the community, including options for additional isolation spaces.

Valerie Gideon is the associate deputy minister for the department, and she offered an update during a media briefing earlier today.

"The priority right now is to ramp up access to isolation spaces in the community or outside the community. So, we are working with the community on those options. The community has made it clear that they want to make those decisions about where those spaces are located," Gideon said earlier today. 

Gideon noted they're working with the community on ways to retrofit buildings, so they can be used as isolation centres.

Wabaseemoong leadership posted a video message a week ago, saying they were going to impose a strict lockdown, in an effort to contain an outbreak within their community. Over the weekend, governments at all levels responded, as the case numbers grew exponentially. 

By this morning, the health unit said there were 85 active cases in the Kenora Region. 

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